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Our Restaurant is famous for the German Home Style Meals. All meals are of generous proportions, and it is guaranteed that you will not go home hungry. See our menu for a detailed look at what we have on offer. There are also specials from time to time for you to choose from.
Let our cooks spoil you with a meal you will remember.

Restaurant Hours


Our Menu



Deep Fried Camembert/crackers $ 9.50

Mini Spring Rolls $ 6.50

Prawn Cutlets $ 8.00

Roll Mops (Marinated Fish) $ 9.00

Salt & Pepper Squid $ 8.00

Soup of the Day $ 5.00


Main Menu

Schnitzel Platter $ 21.50

Chicken, veal and pork schnitzel served with your choice of salad, Sauerkraut, red cabbage or vegetables with dumplings or fried potatoes.

German Sausage Platter $ 21.50

Selection of German sausages (1 Bratwurst, 1 Kransky and 1 Weisswurst) served with fried potatoes, dumpling, Sauerkraut and red cabbage.

Eisbein $ 26.50

Pork knuckle pickled and cooked. A big appetite meal.

Frankfurter $ 13.50

Smoked German pork sausage.

Jägerbraten $ 20.50

Pan fried smoked seasoned pork served with mushroom sauce.

Leberkäse $ 17.50

Cooked and smoked German style meat loaf. Lightly spiced, usually served with a fried egg.

Kaiser Schnitzel Small:  S $ 13.50 L $ 21.50

Slices of crumbed smoked pork loin, lightly pan-fried to bring out the natural flavours of this traditional German meal. Excellent when served with Sauerkraut.

Kasseler Small:  S $ 13.50 L $ 19.50

Slices of smoked pork loin, lightly pan-fried to bring out the natural flavours of this traditional German meal. Excellent when served with Sauerkraut.

Kransky  Small:  S $ 13.50 L $ 17.50

Traditional smoked German sausage. Traditionally served with Sauerkraut

Roast Pork  Small:  S $ 13.50 L $ 19.00

Lean pork prepared in the traditional German style

Rouladen  Small:  S $ 13.50 L $ 19.50

Fillets of rolled lean beef lightly seasoned with mustard, salt and pepper, filled with onion, bacon, gherkin, cooked in natural juices.

Schnitzel – Chicken or Pork   S $ 13.50 L $ 19.50

Schnitzel – Veal   S $ 13.50 L $ 20.50

Weisswurst / Thüringer Bratwurst S $ 13.50 L $ 17.50

Traditional German sausage lightly spiced. Traditionally served with Sauerkraut.

Prawn cutlets  S $ 13.50 L $ 16.50

Served with fried potatoes and salad.

Vegetarian $ 12.50

Dumplings, fried potatoes, vegetable and salad.


Chef’s Special

Please ask at kitchen counter for the daily specials.

Note: Meals are served with your choice of dumplings or fried potatoes; and sauerkraut or red cabbage or vegetables or salad.

Additional selections will incur a surcharge of $2.50 for each item.


Side salad $ 3.00

Fried potatoes $ 4.00

Children’s Meals

Chicken Nuggets (Served with fried potatoes) $ 7.50


Cakes – Today’s Selection $ 5.00


Cappucino, Latte, Short Black, Flat White $ 3.00

Vienna coffee (cup) $ 3.50

Pot of Tea $ 3.00


german_beerOur Bar has a wide range of local and imported beer, Spirits, and Wine.
On tap we have German DAB and KÖSTRITZER. A pair of beautiful beers made under the German purities Act of 1516. There are no chemicals in the beer, only natural products.
Not only do we carry the famous German Lager Beer we have just introduced  the New Pilsner Altenmeunster and Erdinger wheat beers in 500ml bottles.
STOP PRESS: Just arrived new mid strength fully imported german beer.
We have a wide range of German Schnapps, as well as the more common spirits you are used to.
Our wine is mostly Australian, but you can sample the German wines as well. As we say to our guests, if you are eating the German food, you may as well try what the Germans drink too!

Bar Hours

Wednesday- Friday12pm - late
Saturday - Sunday11am - late